The following is MY vision of the México where I live in.

Be kind and correctme through e-mail THX.

Food is magnificent — Hunger is present
Hospitalarios since always — Mistreat to immigrants
Lots of generous parties — Never ending debts
Music and dance every weekend — Music and dance during all week
Deep oil reserves — a full tank in a car, is a luxury
Strict weapon control — deaths by lost bullets
Investors turn to see México — low wages, high taxes
Universal medical care — Medical service insufficient
Beautiful landscape’s — Poor environment care
Huge biodiversity — Abuse of flora and fauna
Gold medal in Olympic Soccer — Issues qualifying to Soccer World Cup
70 thousand 700 of millionaires in MX  — 52+ Millions of poor people in Mx
History, culture for 100 encyclopedias — penultimate place in reading in the WORLD
Has the richest men of the WORLD — surely the most poor too
Courageous heroes — Full of traitors
Pacific country — Insecurity it doesn’t hide
Full of hope — Apathy and conformism are overwhelming
Love the challenges — Has the furious battle against themselves

Bureaucracy rules
Corruption invades anywhere
2do place of obesity in the world (some may say that is first place)

Neither one nor the other!
PRI it’s back in power
D.F. about to become state #33
Abortion decriminalized at D.F.
Technology available

Even with all of this the smile never fades out.
¿Contrasts are clear?

I will not get tired to explain that it’s impossible to have one only version of México. As you can see, the prior points show this place full of contrasts; so much that could be qualified as bizarre.

The worst injury this country has are the drugs and the war that is taking place because of it, either between Cartel’s for territory or against the Mexican Army… no surprises there, however and being honest I cannot see an end coming soon, while the international demand is still running.


Looking at the bright side, there it’s the own identity of every single town, I had been lucky to visit along with great friends a wide variety of them, those that I liked more are Aculco and his colonial streets,
Valle de Bravo and their uniformed red roofs, Ecatepec and the sensation of a popular neighborhood, Tlalnepantla becoming in a well developed monster, Michoacan and his tiny streets that simulate a maze, Atlacomulco modern and vanguards, and of course D.F. and it’s diversity and unique capacity to be the heart of México; D.F. is like the grandma’s house, no one wants to go there at first but when you are finally there you don’t want to leave anymore.

It’s true there are some areas with extreme violence all over the country, luckily there are huge zones quiet and pacific that only receives the bad news as if it was about a totally different country.
The fame of mistreating the immigrants from center America is raising, however the immigrant colony is welcome and in fact is growing every day, especially at the D.F. from Guatemaltecos to Argentinos and the rest of the world keeps falling in love without explanation of this unique country.
My only purpose of this entry is to share MY vision.
I’m not only showing the problems, I came to offer a solution.
As a Mexican I would just ask to the rest to put aside the old philosophy “el que no tranza no avanza”. Imagine just one day with zero corruption. Let’s go do it!

I know there are some young people that just started to change this reality for a better chance.
It’s time to become a “revolutionary”, defend your ideas but don’t be selfish

How do I see México!!!


4 thoughts on “How do I see México!!!

  1. Audrey says:

    I absolutely love your post! I hope you are doing well, and I miss your smiling face.

  2. Pat says:

    I loved reading how you see your country! Hope you’re well .We miss you!

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